Thursday, December 18, 2014

It is confirmed :)

Terima kasih Allah. I hope it's a boy. But Allah knows better. We shall wait and see which one is the best for my family. 
Boy or girl

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

total black out

nope, i do not want to know anything about you anymore. 

which means, i do not care what's happening to you. i do not wanna know any good or bad news from you. 

cause  i have better things to do. good bye.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

way too happy

yesterday my husband said this when I told him to bring me to the Europe :

"ye sayang... kalau i dah stabil kewangan nanti, i nak bawak kita sekeluarga ke umrah. Lepas kita dah selesaikan hutang credit card dan hutang pada mak i."

ALLAH. CRY CRY CRY. Did he just mention UMRAH????? 

Terima kasih Allah...terima kasih bukakan pintu hati suami saya... Allah. I'm a happy wife!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

my husband

hi. i'm back. hihihi. 

Harini nak cerita sedikit pasal suami saya. He's a different person now. Dari hari ke hari. Dia makin  banyak puji saya. Dia makin banyak bergurau senda dengan saya dan anak. And I'm totally loving it! He constantly asks whether I love him or not. Mesti lah sayang. Perangai kuat tanya sayang ke tak ni adalah perangai saya waktu zaman kami bercinta dulu. Hihihi. Dia kuat minta maaf kalau dia tak sengaja buat I bengang. And bila saya masih merajuk, He would kiss my shoulders or my hair. Recently he said this during dinner:

"hilang stress kerja i bila tgk muka u and suri. seronoknya ada isteri dan anak!"

heyyyyy saya memang kembanggggg semangkuk ok! hahahahaha. 

and yes, we're doing our best to produce suri's adik. May Allah ease everything. hihihihihi. :p

Saturday, August 23, 2014

hi abah!

Allah. Thank you for lending me another shoulder of love. This old man of Noreen Zulkepli is a great blessing from You. I truly feel like having a real father. I love both of them. My bapak, Abdul Hamid and Pakcik Zulkepli. May Allah bless both of you till the end of life. 

Thank you! 

i am a happy wife

hi. been a while since i posted. hihihi. I'm actually quite occupied with my new passion which is baking. yes, I'm still baking sarang semut suri. Received a lot of requests, so yes.. I'm doing it. with my husband, of course. hihihihi

well, the title up there shows my real feeling right now. I am. Really. I somehow think that Allah has granted my prayers. Fulfilled. In so many ways. I hope this will last forever. Because I look forward to seeing my beautiful family in the future. 

I want to share a funny story that happened recently. As usual, I was on my way to pick up my husband at home, after I fetched Suri from school. FYI, I drive a car to work with my daughter and my husband rides his motorcycle. As I reached the car parking area, I saw my husband holding a ZARA paper bag with his left hand. I was so excited as I thought that was my early birthday present (my birthday fell on 19th August, btw) .He got in the car and I quickly responded, "syggggg... u beli apa tu... wahhh zara! hihihhi"

He smiled and looked at me and said "telekung sembahyang u. and kain pelikat I. so after this takde lagi dah alasan tak boleh solat kt luar sebab tak bawak telekung sembahyang."

I was stumped. I felt like someone just hit my head with a very thick brick. HAHAHAHAHAHA. He's very strict about solat lately. Seriously. He has changed a lot. I'm surprised until now. and I really think that Allah has answered my prayers. and i remembered my husband told me once, about a marriage. "your partner is your mirror. you won't be able to change your partner unless you change yourself first" 

and yes... this is it. 

another great story this morning, when I was busy preparing myself to work with my husband preparing my child's bag. husband said "syg... ape bende ni... berlipat2 4 segi. i tersepak dgn kaki td. mcm kertas."

I turned around and asked him to unfold that paper and it shocked us a lot when we both found that it's actually a paper note of RM100!!!!! Allah.... kejutan apakah ini ya Allah? All of sudden? Seingat saya, saya tak pernah lipat duit kertas sampai jadi kecik-kecik mcm tu. seriously. even suri wouldn't know how to, because i know my baby. and i asked my husband too "syg u tak penah ke lipat duit mcm ni?" he said no. tak pernah. that's not his habit. I was so happy and my husband hugged me and said "alhamdulillah syg... kan i dah ckp... lagi kita dekat dgn dia, lagi kita jaga solat kita, lagi berlambak rezeki yg tak boleh kita imagine" 

yes, actually masa subuh tadi saya memang liat sgt nak bgn subuh. husband woke me up and i kept delaying and delaying sampai la dah lagi 15 minit nak pukul 7am. hahahaha. during his final try, he said "emmm tak mau solat ye. takpelah. nak rasa lagi skali hidup tak berkat ye.."

ZASSSSSSSS!!! I went to the bathroom and perform ablution. HAHAHAHA. 

I love you baby. I love you. 

During my birthday celebration ,few days ago. Birthday dinner treat by my husband. yes, no cake. I don't fancy cake. hihihi

Sunday, July 20, 2014

as a result...

hi! I'm back with updates on my homemade Sarang Semut Suri. Allahuakbar! Been receiving a lot of positive feedback. Thank you for the overwhelming response, customers! I'm blessed. So here are some comments that I recently received :

Allah. This is really great! A great surprise. Never thought people would really love my kuih as this is my very first try selling. Thank you again everyone, especially Allah. I know, He made everyone buy from me. I just know :) 

p/s: Orders are officially closed. I'm fully occupied until this coming Saturday 26/7/2014. Tempahan dah terlalu banyak dan penuh. Those who didn't get to buy from me, do not worry.. InsyALLAH umur panjang, tahun depan saya jual lagi. hihihi. 

Total orders : 3250 pieces of Sarang Semut Suri,baby!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

sarang semut suri

oh hi! happy fasting... today I would like to share with all of you about my Ramadhan project. I am doing this with my husband, of course. It's like our first trial on baking our own kuih raya. Yes, we found the recipe on the internet. But husband changed a lil bit of its ingredients and I'm certain that the taste is a bit differ compared to others. Well, it's called Sarang Semut Suri. Hihihi

Btw, the other reason we decided to bake our own kuih is because of the amount of chocolate rice and the size of kuih. Most sellers our there are not generous about the chocolate rice and tend to reduce the size of kuih. The huge difference about my kuih is that, the amount of chocolate rice (a lot more) and the size (slightly bigger). We hope that everyone is satisfied with the texture and happy with the taste. InsyAllah it's worth every penny! We made it with all of our hearts. cewahhh. hihihi

So, it's RM20 per 50 pieces. We only accept orders within KL and Damansara area. We don't post by mail, worried if kuih will crash into tiny pieces. Risky! Hihihi. Well, the labeling was done by my brother. Cute! I like it. :) 

So far the orders are quite encouraging. I'm thankful. Ok lah first trial kan, tak kasi sample pun utk rasa. They all ni trust me, I'm speechless. Thus, I must do my best!

Last but not least, I belanja u all with my daughter's picture. Buas kemainnnn. Pengsan nak layan while buat kuih. Kite susun kuih, dia pun nak jgk. ughhhhhhhhhh. She doesn't eat the kuih, she only eats the chocolate rice. HAHAHAHA bijak :p

"Masakan yg sedap adalah masakan yang diniatkan dari hati yang ikhlas dan gembira, insyAllah"

Friday, June 20, 2014


Hi! hihihi

It has been a while huh? Well, been busy with life. And I'm pursuing my studies at IIUM. Classes on weekends, yeah. But I'm having so much fun. so much knowledge to obtain. and I'm totally loving my new life. just probably need to be careful, not to get pregnant! hahahahaha. i don't know, some of my friends said it's not that hard but i have doubt with myself. i can't picture myself with a huge stomach and walking lazily to classes. no. that's not me. kot? hihihihi. by the way, one thing at a time OK? that's better. I'm not ready to share love with other than suri. hihihi. 

BTW, so many things happened lately. and i know, rumors are spreading rapidly and of course my name is totally "scratched". and i know, rumors that come from older people usually bought by whoever hears about it. but takpelah. i kasi u menang now. take all, take. you've won. but hey Allah sees everything. the more you put me through, the more happiness approaches me. it's like that. and I'm starting to like it as well. kadang-kadang i kesian kt you. you are so busy attacking people and talking bad things about people sampai you lupa yang hidup you sedang miserable. if only you could look at yourself.. look what you have now? you may have all you think but in fact, you have nothing to be proud of. and I'm so used to it... I'm not clapping my hands but i can't deny the line that Noreen, my close friend used to tell me, Once a bitch, always a bitch. you haven't changed. at all. 

poor thing. 

Friday, May 23, 2014


i unwittingly pay no heed to your appearance. and... your absence. 

because i know what's more salient to focus on. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

no, no regrets at all

I've taken you out from my heart, I promise that I'll never think of you anymore. You , you , you and you. It's 4 times already. You are not there anymore. I have no regrets at all. I don't have to convince everyone because Allah, me and you and my husband know. I'm relieved. 

It's time for me to build my own bridge. Your bridge has just burned. Now it's time for me to appreciate my family, work and soon my studies. 

I can be a successful person like you as well. soon. even better, I know. 

Thanks! :)

Allah Ada

i bumped into kak yam as I arrived office today. she told me that all staff who use Maybank account haven't received their gaji yet due to some inconveniences caused by Maybank. I was stumped. dalam hati nak nangis. what I'm gonna eat ni........... what about my baby? my husband teased me this morning "wahhhh hi org kayaaaaa. today gaji. suke lettewww". and i laughed. happy wei. but then kak yam cakap mcm tu..... i couldn't feel my legs...hands... i wanted to cryyyyy

this afternoon:

the moment i saw the email.. i screamed out loud


without realizing that I was actually in the OFFICE. and everybody started to laugh and comment :

"hahaha girl, that serious??"

"atieeeeeeee.hahaha you funny loohhhh"

"hahahahaha glad that you've received your gaji,atieee"

yes, they really don't know how's my finances every month.. because they only able to see my laughter, jokes and bubbly mouth. hihihi. :p

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

i guess..

*clearing throat* 
ya i guess... fate is fate. i can never change. i guess. 

that's her blood. her world. how could you think that she would put it aside and place you in her heart. i know i am sincere. but hey, she is sincere too. she accepts me as much as she can. she's not evil.

atie, you have your husband, De, Deck, Shafee, Emy, Dab, Amoi (your super kind hearted sister in law). 

and the most obvious thing---- you have your own mother. how lucky is that?

now forget about your sorrows, live your life. 

i have my family. i don't need other families. even if they'll be dead (warning: everyone is going to die anyways), i will still have them in my prayers and my heart. kalau aku tak mati dulu lah. hahaha

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

gloomy hat

currently. i feel so small
it's like i'm the only loser in the world
my brain can't process
my heart jumps fast and fluctuate  

verily, I'm messed up 
i'm broken inside
everyone is leaving
everyone is making their own path, steadily 
sumpah rase nak nangis everytime i step into the office

nah, kantoi. it's the job 
no it's not either one. the job scope or the people 
it's BOTH, this time. 
sounds poisonous, right? 
i no longer belong to that place, i guess

by the way, happy 2nd anniversary Atie & Fadlee 4/2/2012 - 4/2/2014 and counting... 
gees! i sound so uninspired. ugh

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Don't wanna wake up alone anymore
Still believing you'll walk through my door
You'll reach for me and I know it's for sure
Then I'll give.... all the love in the world