Sunday, July 20, 2014

as a result...

hi! I'm back with updates on my homemade Sarang Semut Suri. Allahuakbar! Been receiving a lot of positive feedback. Thank you for the overwhelming response, customers! I'm blessed. So here are some comments that I recently received :

Allah. This is really great! A great surprise. Never thought people would really love my kuih as this is my very first try selling. Thank you again everyone, especially Allah. I know, He made everyone buy from me. I just know :) 

p/s: Orders are officially closed. I'm fully occupied until this coming Saturday 26/7/2014. Tempahan dah terlalu banyak dan penuh. Those who didn't get to buy from me, do not worry.. InsyALLAH umur panjang, tahun depan saya jual lagi. hihihi. 

Total orders : 3250 pieces of Sarang Semut Suri,baby!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

sarang semut suri

oh hi! happy fasting... today I would like to share with all of you about my Ramadhan project. I am doing this with my husband, of course. It's like our first trial on baking our own kuih raya. Yes, we found the recipe on the internet. But husband changed a lil bit of its ingredients and I'm certain that the taste is a bit differ compared to others. Well, it's called Sarang Semut Suri. Hihihi

Btw, the other reason we decided to bake our own kuih is because of the amount of chocolate rice and the size of kuih. Most sellers our there are not generous about the chocolate rice and tend to reduce the size of kuih. The huge difference about my kuih is that, the amount of chocolate rice (a lot more) and the size (slightly bigger). We hope that everyone is satisfied with the texture and happy with the taste. InsyAllah it's worth every penny! We made it with all of our hearts. cewahhh. hihihi

So, it's RM20 per 50 pieces. We only accept orders within KL and Damansara area. We don't post by mail, worried if kuih will crash into tiny pieces. Risky! Hihihi. Well, the labeling was done by my brother. Cute! I like it. :) 

So far the orders are quite encouraging. I'm thankful. Ok lah first trial kan, tak kasi sample pun utk rasa. They all ni trust me, I'm speechless. Thus, I must do my best!

Last but not least, I belanja u all with my daughter's picture. Buas kemainnnn. Pengsan nak layan while buat kuih. Kite susun kuih, dia pun nak jgk. ughhhhhhhhhh. She doesn't eat the kuih, she only eats the chocolate rice. HAHAHAHA bijak :p

"Masakan yg sedap adalah masakan yang diniatkan dari hati yang ikhlas dan gembira, insyAllah"