Saturday, August 23, 2014

hi abah!

Allah. Thank you for lending me another shoulder of love. This old man of Noreen Zulkepli is a great blessing from You. I truly feel like having a real father. I love both of them. My bapak, Abdul Hamid and Pakcik Zulkepli. May Allah bless both of you till the end of life. 

Thank you! 

i am a happy wife

hi. been a while since i posted. hihihi. I'm actually quite occupied with my new passion which is baking. yes, I'm still baking sarang semut suri. Received a lot of requests, so yes.. I'm doing it. with my husband, of course. hihihihi

well, the title up there shows my real feeling right now. I am. Really. I somehow think that Allah has granted my prayers. Fulfilled. In so many ways. I hope this will last forever. Because I look forward to seeing my beautiful family in the future. 

I want to share a funny story that happened recently. As usual, I was on my way to pick up my husband at home, after I fetched Suri from school. FYI, I drive a car to work with my daughter and my husband rides his motorcycle. As I reached the car parking area, I saw my husband holding a ZARA paper bag with his left hand. I was so excited as I thought that was my early birthday present (my birthday fell on 19th August, btw) .He got in the car and I quickly responded, "syggggg... u beli apa tu... wahhh zara! hihihhi"

He smiled and looked at me and said "telekung sembahyang u. and kain pelikat I. so after this takde lagi dah alasan tak boleh solat kt luar sebab tak bawak telekung sembahyang."

I was stumped. I felt like someone just hit my head with a very thick brick. HAHAHAHAHAHA. He's very strict about solat lately. Seriously. He has changed a lot. I'm surprised until now. and I really think that Allah has answered my prayers. and i remembered my husband told me once, about a marriage. "your partner is your mirror. you won't be able to change your partner unless you change yourself first" 

and yes... this is it. 

another great story this morning, when I was busy preparing myself to work with my husband preparing my child's bag. husband said "syg... ape bende ni... berlipat2 4 segi. i tersepak dgn kaki td. mcm kertas."

I turned around and asked him to unfold that paper and it shocked us a lot when we both found that it's actually a paper note of RM100!!!!! Allah.... kejutan apakah ini ya Allah? All of sudden? Seingat saya, saya tak pernah lipat duit kertas sampai jadi kecik-kecik mcm tu. seriously. even suri wouldn't know how to, because i know my baby. and i asked my husband too "syg u tak penah ke lipat duit mcm ni?" he said no. tak pernah. that's not his habit. I was so happy and my husband hugged me and said "alhamdulillah syg... kan i dah ckp... lagi kita dekat dgn dia, lagi kita jaga solat kita, lagi berlambak rezeki yg tak boleh kita imagine" 

yes, actually masa subuh tadi saya memang liat sgt nak bgn subuh. husband woke me up and i kept delaying and delaying sampai la dah lagi 15 minit nak pukul 7am. hahahaha. during his final try, he said "emmm tak mau solat ye. takpelah. nak rasa lagi skali hidup tak berkat ye.."

ZASSSSSSSS!!! I went to the bathroom and perform ablution. HAHAHAHA. 

I love you baby. I love you. 

During my birthday celebration ,few days ago. Birthday dinner treat by my husband. yes, no cake. I don't fancy cake. hihihi