Friday, June 20, 2014


Hi! hihihi

It has been a while huh? Well, been busy with life. And I'm pursuing my studies at IIUM. Classes on weekends, yeah. But I'm having so much fun. so much knowledge to obtain. and I'm totally loving my new life. just probably need to be careful, not to get pregnant! hahahahaha. i don't know, some of my friends said it's not that hard but i have doubt with myself. i can't picture myself with a huge stomach and walking lazily to classes. no. that's not me. kot? hihihihi. by the way, one thing at a time OK? that's better. I'm not ready to share love with other than suri. hihihi. 

BTW, so many things happened lately. and i know, rumors are spreading rapidly and of course my name is totally "scratched". and i know, rumors that come from older people usually bought by whoever hears about it. but takpelah. i kasi u menang now. take all, take. you've won. but hey Allah sees everything. the more you put me through, the more happiness approaches me. it's like that. and I'm starting to like it as well. kadang-kadang i kesian kt you. you are so busy attacking people and talking bad things about people sampai you lupa yang hidup you sedang miserable. if only you could look at yourself.. look what you have now? you may have all you think but in fact, you have nothing to be proud of. and I'm so used to it... I'm not clapping my hands but i can't deny the line that Noreen, my close friend used to tell me, Once a bitch, always a bitch. you haven't changed. at all. 

poor thing.