Friday, May 23, 2014


i unwittingly pay no heed to your appearance. and... your absence. 

because i know what's more salient to focus on. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

no, no regrets at all

I've taken you out from my heart, I promise that I'll never think of you anymore. You , you , you and you. It's 4 times already. You are not there anymore. I have no regrets at all. I don't have to convince everyone because Allah, me and you and my husband know. I'm relieved. 

It's time for me to build my own bridge. Your bridge has just burned. Now it's time for me to appreciate my family, work and soon my studies. 

I can be a successful person like you as well. soon. even better, I know. 

Thanks! :)

Allah Ada

i bumped into kak yam as I arrived office today. she told me that all staff who use Maybank account haven't received their gaji yet due to some inconveniences caused by Maybank. I was stumped. dalam hati nak nangis. what I'm gonna eat ni........... what about my baby? my husband teased me this morning "wahhhh hi org kayaaaaa. today gaji. suke lettewww". and i laughed. happy wei. but then kak yam cakap mcm tu..... i couldn't feel my legs...hands... i wanted to cryyyyy

this afternoon:

the moment i saw the email.. i screamed out loud


without realizing that I was actually in the OFFICE. and everybody started to laugh and comment :

"hahaha girl, that serious??"

"atieeeeeeee.hahaha you funny loohhhh"

"hahahahaha glad that you've received your gaji,atieee"

yes, they really don't know how's my finances every month.. because they only able to see my laughter, jokes and bubbly mouth. hihihi. :p

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

i guess..

*clearing throat* 
ya i guess... fate is fate. i can never change. i guess. 

that's her blood. her world. how could you think that she would put it aside and place you in her heart. i know i am sincere. but hey, she is sincere too. she accepts me as much as she can. she's not evil.

atie, you have your husband, De, Deck, Shafee, Emy, Dab, Amoi (your super kind hearted sister in law). 

and the most obvious thing---- you have your own mother. how lucky is that?

now forget about your sorrows, live your life. 

i have my family. i don't need other families. even if they'll be dead (warning: everyone is going to die anyways), i will still have them in my prayers and my heart. kalau aku tak mati dulu lah. hahaha