Tuesday, October 29, 2013

his order

sigh. I'm so frustrated. every time i show him (my husband) pictures of jeans or tops on the Internet, he'll brush off! 
benci lah. i mean, come on... those are fine. not all of them are not appropriate, at least. i mean, jeans are supposed to be "that" fit right? who on earth would wear loose jeans? well then that's not jeans anymore. that's.... pants! okay whatever. 

i really need to spruce my wardrobe. since I wore head cover, I've been wearing rubbish! baju singkat lah, seluar tak cukup panjang lah, warna baju dengan seluar tak kena lah, bla bla bla..

so, I'm immensely looking forward to welcoming 2014. right after my year-end bonus. right. I'll likely buy more scarves (plain ones) and denim skirts . hmmm... I can't seem to stop visualizing myself wearing a denim skirt with a long sleeve shirt. I don't know.. It has been a while. I kinda miss it. Being simple and ordinary. 

till then

Friday, October 25, 2013

counting the days..

Hi there,

It's Friday. Today, I drove to the office with Suri. It was pretty awkward because it has been quite a while since I drove to work. Husband needs to stay up till night at his office today and I guess I just have to bring Suri somewhere we can spend some quality time together. Until daddy's back. 

Well, Suri's 1st birthday is coming up very soon. I'm all excited about it. My mind now is starting to imagine how wonderful it would be. It's gonna be fun! 

Her birthday falls on the Public Holiday (Deepavali) 2/11/2013, Saturday. My husband and I are planning to give her first splash experience at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. yay! 

We'll then probably off to KLCC for the Enfagrow Expo, just to find out what the occasion is all about. Posters are everywhere now at Tunas Kijang. I'm fascinated by the news, obviously. haha! 

I've already applied a leave on 4th of November 2013 for her 1 year immunization injections at Prince Court Medical Center, where she was born.  However, not just that. There will also be a birthday celebration at school with teachers and friends!!! How exciting! I've ordered a custom-made cake with one teletubbies character (the red one) and now cracking my head to find her teletubbies costume. ahhhh where to find this thing? 

Well never mind. I still have plenty of time. Anyways. I miss my dear baby right now. I'm flipping through her pictures and start to smile generously! hihihi. 

Till then, world. Will keep you posted. 


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

my very first post


i'm pretty new here. 
since my xanga blog has been closed, here's my new place to write about almost everything

till then